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Dealing with a project in a second language can be tricky, with any miscommunication leading to expensive mistakes. As our studio is both bi-lingual and bi-cultural, our international clients are spared any Franglais faux-pas.
‘The dual language culture was vital. Emphatically vital. Both the culture and the translation of technical data would have been very difficult without it. David could communicate perfectly with us in English, but on the other hand could also communicate perfectly with the French banks and builders.’(Client Bryan Youl)
This means that not only do we understand clients' wishes clearly from the outset, we can translate them impeccably, preventing misunderstandings when it comes to the build.

'He managed all the relationships on site from end to end. I don't personally speak French and it would have been almost impossible to manage a renovation like that, without David being able to manage all the different trades on site.'(Client Rachel Jones)
We hugely enjoy the international nature of our work and the design fusions that arise from this - from the simple and functional elegance our Scandinavian clients look for, but expressed via local materials, to the insistence by our American clients on en suite bathrooms for every guest room, no matter how complex the plumbing in an old property might be!

To date, we have worked with British, French, Belgian, American, Australian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swiss, Belgian, German and Italian clients - but we're always looking to expand our horizons…