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Are you looking for great service, efficiency and value?
Of course, we always seek to deliver on all of these, but once a project is finished, we know it will really be judged on one thing – the design.

'David has an excellent spatial sense for achieving the most efficient use of space.'(Client Bryan Youl)
Clear creative vision is a result of both long experience and in-the-moment intuition; knowing how to fulfil clients' wishes, but also how to optimise plans to create the best sense of space and give each project great natural light and views.

'It's great to have someone who really has ideas and draws them for you and it doesn't have to go on for ever until you actually get what you want!'(Client Niels Heering)
Our ability to propose the right solutions is the result of plenty of perspiration over the years, but it's often the pencil-in-hand moments of sudden inspiration that really make a project sing.

'David visualised the solution immediately. I still have the sketch from that original meeting!'(Client Rachel Jones)