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The big picture is the end result, but, like a mosaic, it’s made up of a thousand tiny details – each of which has to be just right.
‘The end result is very light and spacious. It’s sophisticated, but warm – just what I was after. Both David and Nina helped me create something that looks really classic. It’s just beautiful.’(Rachel Jones)
'We're extremely pleased with the end result. David really has attention to detail.'(Niels Heering)
'We're absolutely delighted with the end result. It was within budget - especially compared to other architects - and within the time limits - again in relation to other architects.'(Bryan Youl)
'It's the detail and the understanding of every small thing. For example, when we were looking for reclaimed tiles, David went personally to choose them. That's his style and his personal attention to detail.'(Rachel Jones)
'We were very pleased. My wife has very good and very strong views on design and flow and functionality. Her views, mixed with David's views and Laurent's amazing professionalism on site, plus my occasional interjections, meant that the whole project worked very well.'(John Rabb)
'The Museum is literally breathtaking and the finished product is 100 times better than I could ever have imagined it to be.'(Christian Levett)