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It’s very important to us when we tender and sub-contract specialist work that the job goes to companies, trades- and craftspeople who will carry it out to the very highest standards – for the sake of our clients and the end result on individual projects, but for our sakes too: our enduring good name really matters to us.
‘He employed excellent, excellent artisans. We were very pleased with the level of work that was done, especially the mason. He hires high quality people he has confidence in and who will get the job done. We appreciated that.’ (Client Rosalind Rosenberg)
We have long and trusted relationships with the key trades in both our main regions, but we also see new people constantly to ensure we are getting the best practice, the latest innovations - and the best prices too. We won't necessarily choose the cheapest bid if we believe there is any trade-off with quality - or if the short-term benefits are not of lasting value.

'We were very impressed with the choice of professionals he worked with. I was already used to the process of tendering and in a gentle way David was very insistent on sticking to the people he knew, even if they seemed a little more costly. He said that in the long run, it would not be more costly and would also be more harmonious and controllable. It turned out that he was right. I was very impressed with his choice of people.'(Client John Rabb)